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Activities and Tidbits
Press Conference of 2018 Gaming Service Index (GSI)
Thursday, Dec 06, 2018

Supported by SGS, MGRA has established the Gaming Service Index (GSI) since 2013, which capacitates the concerned parties and the gaming operators to monitor and promote the service quality of gaming industry in Macao. GSI 2018 involved 15 chosen casinos (Altira, COD, Galaxy, Grand Lisboa, Jai Alai-Oceanus, Lisboa, MGM, MGM Cotai, Parisian, Sands, Star World, Studio City, Venetian, Wynn and Wynn Palace), including seven frontline departments (Cashier, Cloakroom, Dealer, Membership, Security, Slot Machine, Shuttle Bus) with a total of 1,720 data during the year of 2018. A press conference has been conducted at 2:30 pm on 6th December, 2018.

There is an upward trend from the base of 100 points in 2013 to 125 by the end of 2018 Q4. GSI index showed a fair performance in 2018, where a significant drop was found in Q2 and it regained to 120 in Q3 and stood at 125 in Q4.

Performance of dealers has been raised steadily since 2016, but a significant drop was resulted in 2018 Q2 with the index standing at 104 only and regaining to 125 in Q4.

‘Cotai Index’ and ‘Macao Peninsula Index’ were separated from GSI since 2017. Two indices demonstrated a consistent pattern in 2018, but casinos located in Cotai performed better than those in Macao Peninsula.

Six casino operators, relevant government agencies and academia were invited to refine GSI project so as to elevate the service quality of Macao gaming industry and its competitiveness in the world.

Press Release (Chinese), Press Release (English), GSI 2018 Report

The Sixth General Meeting of MGRA
Thursday, Dec 06, 2018

The Sixth General Meeting had been conducted by Macau Gaming Research Association (MGRA) at 11:00 am on 6th December, 2018. The activities which MGRA had organized and attended since the 5th AGM had been reported in the council report. MGRA also had highly appreciated Macau Gaming Service Index (GSI) funded by Macao Foundation Fund and restated the importance of GSI to the gaming industry and tourism industry in Macao. Both finance and supervisory reports were approved in the meeting. At last, the new executive members were selected .

Press Conference of 2017 Gaming Service Index (GSI)
Wednesday, Nov 29, 2017

There is an upward trend from the base of 100 points in 2013 to 130 by the end of 2017 Q4. GSI index reached the historical highest, 139 points, in the second quarter of this year; but showed a significant drop in Q3, with an index standing at 127. It rebounded to 130 at the last wave of 2017.
This year, SGS collected 1200 data from both Cotai and Macau respectively, and Cotai index and Macau index were generated respectively. These two indices demonstrated a similar pattern in 2017, but casinos in Cotai performed better than those in Macau in service.
After GSI had reached the historical peak at 154 in 2017 Q2, the GSI slightly declined in 2017 Q3 and rebounded in 2017 Q4. Performance of dealers has steadily been improved since 2016.
Press Release (Chinese), Press Release (English), GSI 2017 Report


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